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Superior Medical Care Service

In our Hospital & Medical centers we provide the optimal medical care that you deserve, through our medical departments that include all specialties that you would need.

The only mission for our doctors to serve you 24/7 at the highest level of qualtiy that you can ever experience.

In our centers, you are the priority.

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Available 24-7

The department is equipped with:

• Beds connected directly to an oxygen source and a central suction system.

• Equipments which are necessary for critical situations handling such as; Defibrillator, defibrillators, monitors, electrocardiogram, blood gas monitor.

• Special team of cardiologists to work in emergencies.

• A trauma team consisting of a neurosurgeon, a general surgeon, an intensive care specialist and an orthopedic surgeon, are required immediately to deal with any critical trauma situation upon arrival.

• All diagnostic services (radiology - laboratory - catheter ...) are available 24 hours in cooperation with the intensive care unit to ensure that the correct decisions are taken while dealing with sensitive cases.

There is a daily 24-hour emergency medicine specialist in addition to resident doctors in the following specialties:

·   General Surgery

·   Internal medicine

·   Orthopedic

·   Intensive care

·   Heart and blood vessels

We also provide a 24/7 laboratory, x-ray and electrocardiogram service for emergencies

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Awareness Sessions

Salah El din internnational school sent its kids to take a tour in our hospital and know more about doctor mission 


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Elegant Interior

In our centers, the focus has been on modern design that works on your comfort and sense of well-being

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